LONDON: First Shiatsu with me- including consultationUse this button if you have never seen me before. The price is the same and it includes enough time to make sure that you have a full consultation and a 60 min treatment.
LONDON: Shiatsu (follow up) - 90 minsA 90 min appointment including consultation and more in depth Shiatsu treatment. A follow up treatment will take apx 70 mins, and there will be enough time for a brief consultation at either side of the treatment This is booking recommended for more complex or compounded conditions or for extra decadent relaxation. Use this booking if you have already seen me for Shiatsu before.
LONDON: 3 x 90 min Shiatsu sessions (SAVE 10%)Pay for 3 x 90 min treatment. book your first treatment now and arrange your following treatments with me at your convenience.
LONDON: GIFT VOUCHER: 1 x 90 mins Shiatsu sessionA beautifully designed voucher delivered to an address of your choice. Buy 1 hour of serenity for another and receive a code for £6 off your next treatment with me.
Shiatsu ConcessionsThese appointments are for people who are low-waged, in receipt of benefits and/or very unwell and in need of regular treatment. Your honesty and discretion is much appreciated.